Nutritional Counseling at its Very Best!

Come in for a Nutritional Consultation to find out how you can bring your health back into balance, and if you choose to, receive Nutritional Testing with some of the most advanced non-invasive technology available.

Find out how and what you should be eating, what you are allergic to, what stresses your immune system and your emotions and what nutrients you may be deficient in. Learn how to build up your body and have all of it tested and customized to you as an individual.

Choose between an individual Functional Test or a Comprehensive Analysis. Individual functional tests are chosen on the basis of your general health and symptoms.

Functional Tests

Allergy Food Testing

Digestive Evaluation

Amino Acid Profile

Hormone Profile  

Environmental Sensitivities

Nutrient Deficiency

Nutritional Assessment

Neurotransmitter Profile

Whether or not you want help with Allergies, want to lose Weight, buildup your Immune System, need help with Digestion, need a program to support your fitness regimen, or want to do some Preventative Nutrition, there is help for you.

For the convenience of those unable to come to the office for evaluation, DNA Screening is offered. See page About EDS and Asyra.

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