Major organ systems can be measured by Electro Dermal Screening & Asyra Bio-Energetic Testing. Natural methods are then suggested to help improve your physical & mental well being.

Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) was developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll of Germany over 60 years ago. EDS is based on the science of Acupunture and knowledge that the human body is electrical in nature. The science of Acupuncture shows us that the human body has channels of energy connecting it together called meridians, and these pathways have points along them that connect all the systems of the body. Through these points major organ systems can be tested for electrical imbalance. This test can be used to determine how well you are functioning, your allergies and needs in regards to foods and supplements, as well as any of the Funtional Tests listed. This screening process enables you to get results very quickly. A custom nutritional program is built just for you.

Analysis of your DNA Sample is offered for those of you who are unable to come into the office for evaluation. The DNA Screening that is offered uses a cotton swab rubbed on the inside of your cheek and moistened with your saliva. The screening is then performed just as if you were here in the office. This screening is based on the discovery that your cells and saliva (DNA) reflect your body's functional status. With the use of this information, energy imbalances may be found and remedies and diet are then suggested.

To do the Test:

1. Contact us for an appointment

2. Upon arising, before any food or drink, moisten both ends of the (non-medicated) cotton swab with saliva and rub it against the inside of your cheek. Do not wear any cosmetic at the time you moisten the cotton swab.

3. Place the cotton swab in a Zip Lock Baggie and write your name, date and time on it.

4. Send the Cotton Swab along with any special requests or instructions, the Questionnaires that will be provided, samples of any medications or vitamins etc that you would like checked. 

                                                            Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation

(1.5 Hrs.) 


All Individual Functional Tests

(60 minutes)   


Re-Check Test/Consultation

(60 minutes)  


Remedy & Supplement Test

(60 minutes) 

All Major Credit Cards Accepted


Initial DNA Test/Consultation


Re-Check DNA Test/Consultation


If the Test or Consultation goes over the allotted time, the Fee will be prorated with a 15 minute minimum.

For questions feel free to contact us at 928-282-9540.